Genealogy and Heritage Services

Need help breaking through a family history brick wall?

Want to learn how to research your own family tree?

Need someone to obtain copies of records  or transcribe old documents for you?

Looking for someone to give a talk to your group or advise on a local heritage project?

Come inside and take a look at the range of genealogical and archival research services on offer from Greenhill Genealogy

Vegging Out with Adam

Helping break through family history brick walls


General garden, growing, home and health tips based on Permaculture

Paul’s Patch

Ramblings of a small space gardener...

Zoe's Garden Prints

Prints inspired by a love of gardening

It's Sow Simple

Proof that vegetable growing can be done by anybody. From a couple of under 30s - one who grew up growing and one who has just got going...

Growing out of chaos

Living life differently


Jottings from Skye